Fayetteville District | Other Departments
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Other Departments

Home Mission Workers:
Mrs. Linda Haywood
Home Mission Workers President


Conference Workers
Mrs. Helen Gilchrist
Conference Worker President


Lay Council
Mr. Joe Cromartie
Lay Council President


The Male Chorus Singing Union
Mr. Thomas Farmer


The Class Leaders
Rev. Dr. Leon B. Newton


The Local Preachers Study Class Chairperson & Examiners
Rev. Selvyn A. Lindo, Chairman
Rev. Darin Coleman
Rev. Dr. Vincent Meares


The Budget & Finance Committee
Rev. Brian R. Thompson, Chairman
Rev. E. Kenneth Wells
Mrs. Yolanda S. Williams, Treasurer
Mrs. Esmeralda Robinson, Asst. Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Vincent Meares


The Public Relations
Sherice Alford


The District Treasurer
Mrs. Yolanda S. Williams


The Minister of Music
Mr. Gregory McPherson


Website Administrator
Ms. Sherice Alford


The Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Esmeralda Robinson


The District Secretary
Ms. Kally Robinson


Presiding Elder’s Secretary
Mrs. Sandra P. Brown


The Minister of Music 
Bro. Gregory McPherson