Fayetteville District | Transition Period Under Withdrawal Agreement
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Transition Period Under Withdrawal Agreement

Transition Period Under Withdrawal Agreement

This triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, which sets out the procedure for a member state`s exit from the Union and introduces a two-year countdown to withdrawal. The deadline for extending the transition has just expired. The Northern Ireland Protocol, known as the “Irish backstop”, was an annex to the November 2018 draft agreement outlining provisions to avoid a hard border in Ireland after the United Kingdom`s withdrawal from the European Union. The Protocol contained a safety net provision to deal with circumstances in which satisfactory alternative arrangements have yet to enter into force at the end of the transitional period. This project has been replaced by a new protocol which will be described as follows. The European Commission has been tasked with negotiating a withdrawal agreement with the UK on behalf of the EU-27 Member States. The Commission has appointed Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator as the Commission`s representative. In October 2016, a Task Force, under his leadership, was set up to prepare and conduct negotiations with the United Kingdom, in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The Withdrawal Agreement provides that, during the transitional period, UNION law applies to both the United Kingdom and its territory, while references to Member States in the applicable EU legislation include the United Kingdom, unless otherwise provided for in the Agreement.

It remains to be seen whether an agreement can be reached during the transition period, but the possibility of a “no-deal” Brexit remains, with the countdown continuing until 31 December 2020. If the application is successful, EU citizens will be granted either settled status (granting a right of permanent residence) or pre-settled status (stay of less than 5 years). Failure to comply with the system could lead to expulsion. The agreement defines the goods, services and processes related to them. It argues that any product or service lawfully placed on the market before leaving the Union may continue to be made available to consumers in the United Kingdom or in the Member States of the Union (Art. 40 & 41). The Withdrawal Agreement provides for a transitional period until 31 December 2020, during which the United Kingdom will remain in the internal market to ensure smooth trade until a long-term relationship is agreed. In the absence of an agreement on that date, the UK will leave the internal market on 1 January 2021 without a trade agreement. The Withdrawal Agreement is closely linked to a non-binding political declaration on the future relationship between the EU and the UK. The EU and the UK reach a provisional agreement.. .

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