Fayetteville District | Icrc Seville Agreement
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Icrc Seville Agreement

Icrc Seville Agreement

5.5.1 If, following an upheaval, responsibility for the management and coordination of an international relief operation is entrusted by the ICRC or the Federation, in accordance with the relevant articles of this agreement, the governing body, acting in agreement with the operating national society and in consultation with the participating national companies, takes all appropriate measures to ensure an effective and harmonious transfer of management and behaviour. international aid organization. by the component that assumes the steering function. 4.7. Whenever there are regional networks of national societies, possibly with pre-negotiated cooperation agreements, they should be invited to implement measures to support the objectives and priorities set for a movement operation. If anything wanted to test the Seville agreement, it was the Balkans, the largest integrated operation ever carried out by the movement. A rigorous external assessment recognized that the decision to establish a common administrative structure to deal with the regional dimension of the crisis has improved the response to humanitarian needs. Another kind of challenge came to Russia. As the 2001 report states, “the size of the Russian Federation and the diversity of humanitarian needs in the country required a tailored approach, which requires strict implementation of the agreement, while respecting its main concepts and objectives.” The result was a letter of understanding between the Russian Red Cross, the ICRC and the Federation. The agreement applies to the international assistance and development activities of the national red cross and Red Crescent societies, their International Federation and the ICRC (see Article 1). It includes activities carried out by national societies themselves without the involvement of the ICRC or the Federation, but does not apply to the work of national societies on the national front (blood banks, municipal health services, social programmes, etc.). 5.7.2 If necessary, they may decide by mutual agreement to implement interim measures which are in no way regarded as precedents affecting the respective mandates of the components of the movement or the organisation of the tasks provided for by this agreement. (d) to decide, in agreement with the national company of the country concerned and after consultation with the donors, the use of the goods or funds available at the end of an international assistance operation.

5.6.2 Mutual emergency assistance agreements in the event of natural or technological disasters between neighbouring national companies and bilateral or multilateral development agreements between national societies are notified to the Federation in advance. 7.1.2 These agreements take into account the relevant policies and strategies adopted by the Federation`s General Assembly.

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